Friday, December 28, 2007

Member Libraries Adopt Uniform Loan Periods and Fine Rates

Beginning January 2, 2008, Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) will implement uniform loan periods for all media formats as well as standardized fine rates. The goal of these changes is to increase consistency between libraries to improve customer service.

Beginning January 2, the following loan periods and fine rates will apply:

Loans Periods
Media FormatLoan Period
Books (including audio books)21 days
CDs, music 21 days
Magazines 21 days
VHS videocassettes 21 days
Kits 21 days
DVDs Local library option of 21 days or 7 days
Best sellers (any format) 14 days
Cultural passes 1 day
Reference materials Loaned at library discretionLoaned at library discretion
Realia (ex: models)Loaned at library discretion

Overdue Fine Rates

In order to accommodate local library service philosophies, member libraries have the option of charging or not charging overdue fines. If fines are assessed, all overdue fines will be the same for the same kinds of materials.

Fine Description Fine Per Day
Standard fine rate (includes VHS & multi-media material)$.15
Reference, E-books, AV equipment $1.00
One-day items (includes cultural passes) $10.00