Friday, July 11, 2008

Washington County Libraries Debut Computer Reservation Software

The libraries of the Washington County Cooperative Library Services are beginning to use PC Reservation, a new internet computer reservation and time management software. This software will allow library members and guests a new way to sign up for computer time and manage their print jobs.

While West Slope Community Library has been using PC Reservation since June 10, the majority of libraries will not begin their installations until July 14 running through the 25th. On the day of installation, internet computers may not be available to members.

If you have used the libraries' internet computers before, this new software will not be unusual. If no one is sitting at a computer, you can press any key or move the mouse to escape the screensaver.
You will notice that the computer is either reserved or available. If it is available, click on the colored Available link to sign in. Enter your full WCCLS library card number and password. If you do not have a WCCLS library card, see library staff to get a guest pass.

You are now logged in. Click Use this Computer and then click that you agree to the Library Terms of Use. The Session Information window remains open and visible, allowing easy access to how many minutes you have left.

If you need to leave the computer for a moment, you can easily lock it by clicking the Lock button in the Session Information window. When you come back, you just log in, and you're back where you were before you left.

When your session is coming to an end, you'll see a message that will allow you to save your work. When you are finished, just click Done, also in the Session Information window, to log out.

If you still have money on your print account from the old software, it will be transferred to the new system. And if you have problems with printing, you're still welcome to ask a library staff member for help.