Monday, December 29, 2008

1/10 - Walsh Shuttle Piper Matt Rucker at Cedar Mill

photo, Matt Rucker
Cedar Mill Community Library is kicking off its second annual Winter Reading & Arts Festival Saturday, January 10. Matt Rucker will perform at 2:00 pm, playing the Walsh Shuttle Pipes.

Matt will play various Scottish and Irish tunes. These bellows blown pipes are similar in style and shape to pipes dating back to 1695 and are ideal for intimate performances where the Highland pipes would prove too overpowering. His repertoire includes a wide range of music from softly meditative to lively jigs and hornpipes.

Matt plays the Great Highland Bagpipe competitively as a soloist and was the Aggregate Winner for the Grade 4A Piping competition at the 2008 Portland Highland Games. In his spare time, he is a piper with the newly formed Portland Metro Youth Pipe Band. As well as being an accomplished piper, Matt is a homeschooled high school senior who writes computer games, studies piano and Aikido, and is an active library volunteer.

The performance will take place Saturday, 1/10, 2pm on the main floor of the Cedar Mill Community Library. It is free, everyone welcome, no reservations required.

The Winter Reading & Arts festival runs from 1/10/2009 to 3/21/09. The festival will combine literature and reading enjoyment with programs by local artists and performers who reflect the multicultural dimensions of Cedar Mill and Bethany. Their goal is to enhance cultural learning experiences and build awareness of the impact of arts, heritage and humanities on our community’s quality of life, sense of place, and community identity. For more information, visit our website or call the reference desk at 503 644-0043 Ext 114.

Cedar Mill Community Library is located at 12505 NW Cornell Road, at the very back (north) of the parking lot, with an entrance off NW Saltzman Road (just north of Cornell Road and Dogwood St).