Monday, June 1, 2009

6/28: Teen guitar jam at Cedar Mill

photo by marcus_in_ny
photo by marcus_in_ny

Cedar Mill Community Library offers one of two teen-only music-related summer activities Sunday, June 28th, from 2–4 PM. The program's called Jamology.

Come, bring your guitar and get tips and tricks from two local musicians on the art of jamming. Because mixing your sound with other musicians can be hard initially.

It's an opportunity to learn about guitar-playing styles, experiment with different equipment for different sounds, and to meet and play with other teens.

Please know how to play basic chords and how to tune your guitar. And register in advance at (503) 644-0043 x112.

Cedar Mill Community Library is located at 12505 NW Cornell Road, just off Saltzman Rd.

originally published 6/19/2009.