Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Library2Go Fans: The New Release of the OverDrive Media Console is Available

It's upgrade time. With the 3.2 release of the OverDrive Media Console, "nearly all OverDrive WMA Audiobooks in your download collection are now compatible with the iPod®, iPhoneT, iPod touch®, and iPod nano®, as well as Zune® and thousands of other portable devices, with a simple upgrade of OverDrive Media Console to version 3.2 on Windows® PCs,” according to the latest issue of digital dispatch, OverDrive's email newsletter to customers.

New features allow users to:

  • Send MP3 Audiobooks to the iTunes® Library with Transfer Wizard.
  • Burn audiobook parts to CD in just a few clicks using Burn Wizard–on all supported Windows operating systems.
  • Perform a test burn.
  • Enjoy a new playback option wherein OverDrive Media Console automatically resumes playback from the most recently played point.
  • Let OverDrive Media Console alert them of software releases and news about the software–automatically.
  • With iTunes v8.1.0.52 (or newer) in place, use Transfer Wizard to send titles to the iPod shuffle®.
For more information and downloads, visit the OverDrive Media Console home page.