Tuesday, July 14, 2009

8/8: Birding with the Audubon Society

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Hillsboro Main Library is pleased to present a program on Birding with the Audubon Society. It will take place Saturday, August 8, at 2pm in the library's meeting room.

A volunteer from the Audubon Society will be speaking about the organization and present a slide show on common backyard birds.

Audubon Society of Portland promotes the understanding, enjoyment, and protection of native birds, other wildlife, and their habitats. They focus on the local community and the Pacific Northwest.

At least 209 bird species have been documented in the Portland Metro Area, and nearly 500 species of birds use Oregon for some part of their life-cycle. That makes Oregon the fifth-highest in bird diversity among the states and provinces in North America. The presence of these creatures helps preserve the health of our environment, supports our economy and enrich our lives.

While we see blue jays, robins and sparrows everyday, did you know the largest known Vaux's swift roost in the world occurs every fall at the Chapman School in northwest Portland? As many as 35,000 swifts congregate for their fall migration — and practically that many people come to watch them. Four percent of the known peregrine falcon nests in the state of Oregon occur within Portland City limits. Our parks and greenspaces serve as valuable rest-over spots for migrating neotropical songbirds.

Learn more about Audubon's role in protecting birds, wildlife, and wildspaces, and learn more about the birds in your backyard — and how to encourage more to come and thrive.

The Hillsboro Main Library is located at 2850 NE Brookwood Parkway, just east of the Hillsboro Airport, and just south of Dawson Creek Drive.

Original post date: 7/27/2009