Thursday, September 10, 2009

Save Time and Save Money with E-mail Notices

The Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) is urging library patrons to choose to utilize its email notification service to receive notices for holds that are ready for pickup, courtesy reminders for items that will soon be due, as well as notification regarding any overdue items.

The email service saves both the patrons and the libraries time and money. Patrons will be able to avoid overdue fines – receiving email notices before items are due, a benefit only available through the email service. Quicker delivery of notices – email is days faster than the U.S. mail method. And, it is a better and more timely use of your tax dollars by cutting down on the volume of printing and postage to mail overdue notices. With an increase in the use of email notices the service will enable the Cooperative Library Services to limit the number of phone lines required to operate the automatic phone notification service.

WCCLS realizes that not all residents have email accounts, nor will they all prefer the electronic email notification method. The Cooperative will still maintain the mailed and phone notification system. “We believe that once people understand the benefits of email notification – faster, cheaper and more specific – they will want to switch,” says Eva Calcagno, Manager of the Cooperative Library Services.

Email provides more specific information than phone notification, so patrons will know the titles of materials that are waiting to be picked up or are about to be due.

It is easy for patrons to opt-in to the email notification service. You can sign up online, or visit your library. Staff will be happy to make the necessary switch to the library card account. Bring your library card or a valid piece of identification (in addition to your library card barcode number), and email address and phone number. For additional details please visit one of the WCCLS member libraries.