Monday, September 21, 2009

Wi-Fi at your Washington County public library

All WCCLS libraries have free Wi-Fi - Ask a librarian for details.
Looking for Wi-Fi? Look no further than your Washington County public library!

WCCLS is pleased to announce that every Washington County public library now offers free wireless access. To use it, all you need is your WCCLS library card, your password, and your wireless-enabled device (laptop, smart phone, or PDA).

Due to high demand from the public, WCCLS libraries struggle to provide enough computer and internet access. Patrons frequently must wait for a computer, and have a limited time to use it.

With the expanded public wireless network, there are no time limits.

This WCCLS supported project will save member libraries time and money. They won't need to install and maintain local wireless networks or continue to purchase and install wired PCs to meet the increasing public demand.

We began implementation with smaller member libraries that did not offer wireless access in June, and then proceeded to the Cooperative's other libraries. Cost for the hardware, equipment, wiring, software and maintenance are part of the WCCLS budget and were included in the 4-year WCCLS local option levy approved by voters in November 2006.

For more information, see the full media release.