Friday, December 18, 2009

Our 10 Millionth Check-out... for 2009!

On Friday, December 11th Washington County readers reached their 10 millionth check-out in a single calendar year. It's a milestone in the Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) thirty-three year history.

Judy Stuebe, a life-long resident of Hillsboro and frequent library user, made the crucial 10 millionth check-out.

She remembers attending summer reading programs as a child at the old Hillsboro (Carnegie) Library on Lincoln Street in downtown Hillsboro. After raising four children to be library users — she is now instilling a love of reading in her four young granddaughters.

Eva Calcagno, Cooperative Library Services Director, notes, “10,000,000 checkouts is an incredible milestone, but it’s just one of many indicators of increased community use of libraries. Circulation, visitors, program attendance have all increased at double-digit rates over the last five years.”

In 2008, patrons checked out or renewed just over 9 million items. And with two weeks in 2009 still to go, WCCLS is projecting that the number of check-outs and renewals will surpass 10.5 million by the end of year!

Please join WCCLS in saluting Ms. Stuebe and the other 280,000+ Washington County library patrons for continuing to make reading and libraries an important part of their lives.

And for more information about the tremendous increase in circulation and program attendance, and how public libraries help families and individuals in hard times, please see Congratulations Washington County Readers on Hitting Your 10,000,000 Check-Out in 2009!