Monday, December 28, 2009

1/19: Tualatin hosts My Abandonment author

Not too long ago a man and his daughter were found living in Forest Park. Authorities recognized the care the father gave to his daughter and located a safe place for them to live. After just a few days, they disappeared, and no one knows where they went.

Portland author Peter Rock wrote a novel, My Abandonment, which takes this story and gives it completion. A book that will remain in your thoughts for a long time, My Abandonment will be discussed on January 19th at 7 pm at Tualatin Public Library. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear how an author takes a story and makes it into an unforgettable book. The evening is sponsored by The Tualatin Library Foundation.

Publishers Weekly wrote, “This is a tale of survival, of love and attachment, of mystery and alienation. It is an utterly entrancing book, a bow to Thoreau and a nod to the detective story. Every step of this narrative … rings true.”

Tualatin Public Library is located at 18878 SW Martinazzi Ave, just south of Boones Ferry, and just north of Nyberg Road.