Monday, January 25, 2010

Now you can rate and review books

photo, Happy Library User by San Jose LibraryDo you ever see books in the catalog that look intriguing, and you wish you had someone's feedback on whether it's a page-turner or a snoozefest? Do you wish you could recommend books that are great?

Now, you'll be able to rate books and write reviews within the online library catalog. Once you click on the Write a Review link, you can register, login or write a review anonymously. You can rate the item from 1 to 5, and even say whether you'd recommend it to a friend.

screenshot, where the reader ratings and reviews areWCCLS has acquired software which works with the online library catalog to provide an interactive forum for patrons to write and post book reviews and read reviews from library patrons around the world. Starred ratings and reviews, and the ability to write reviews, will appear directly in the online library catalog, making it easy for patrons to view and post reviews.

Check it out! Look up your favorite book in the WCCLS online catalog, and give it a try. Or, check out the reviews on Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones.