Friday, February 12, 2010

Washington County Library Use Surpasses Record Statewide Growth

The Oregon State Library recently reported that statewide library book, CD, and DVD checkouts grew more than 7% in 2009.

WCCLS achieved an amazing 16% increase in item checkouts in 2009. Washington County Libraries have seen double-digit increases in almost every measure of use over the last two years.

Let's look at the numbers, shall we?
10,553,359total number of books and other materials checked out by WCCLS patrons in 2009 (equal to 2,680 books per hour or more than 28,913 per day)
5,340,443total website visits to (about 14,917 per day)
3,855,731total number of visitors to WCCLS member libraries in the last fiscal year (nearly 11,000 per day)
172,971total attendance at library sponsored children’s programs in the past fiscal year (about 480 per day)
41,444number of new patrons registered for library cards in 2009 (about 116 per day)
24,783number of children and teens participated in the 2009 Summer Reading Program (an increase of 56% over the last five years

WCCLS libraries stretch funding to meet local needs and rise in demand

"WCCLS member libraries provide quality service to the more than 280,000 Washington County library patrons, even while experiencing tremendous growth in use," reports WCCLS Director Eva Calcagno.

"The 2006 WCCLS local option levy allowed libraries to restore reduced open hours, rebuild book budgets and meet demand for childrens' and adult library programs. Extended open hours, book budgets and library programs are contributing to the surge in library use."