Monday, March 15, 2010

BookShare Program Recognized for Early Literacy Partnership

photo, the BookShare teamWith the help of dedicated volunteers, Cedar Mill Library brings storytimes and children’s books to child care providers in the Cedar Mill area. This outreach service, called BookShare, enriches the early literacy development of infants, toddlers and preschoolers in local childcare homes and centers.

In the fall of 2009, BookShare, began a partnership with the Early Intervention and Early Childhood Programs of the Woodside Center.

Recently the Northwest Regional Education Service District Board of Directors presented its Partner in Education Award to Cedar Mill Library’s outreach program, BookShare. Their letter of recognition best describes the services and their impact:

“Through your efforts, Jody, and the work of volunteers Margaret Ransom and Sharon Mock, the Cedar Mill Community Library has contributed enormously to the success of the literacy program at the ESD’s Woodside Early Childhood Center in Beaverton.

"Your coordination of early literacy training for ESD staff and parents, story time for children at Woodside, and the loan of library books through the BookShare program have made a wonderful difference in the lives of the children we serve an­d their families. The ESD is proud to acknowledge your efforts!”

Congratulations to Jody Westerman, outreach librarian, Sharon Mock and Margaret Ransom, the volunteers who bring stories to life in the special education classrooms, and all of the BookShare volunteers who help to bring books and stories to the young children in our community!