Friday, April 30, 2010

5/18: Attention Tualatin City Residents

photo, Tualatin Public LibraryBallots are in the mail for the upcoming May 18th election. One of the items on the ballot is Measure 34-177 which is titled “Annexation into the Library District of Clackamas County”. The measure only affects Tualatin’s Clackamas County residents; however, all voters in the City of Tualatin can vote on the issue.

More information about Measure 34-177 can be found on the Tualatin City website:

Voters can drop off their ballot inside the Tualatin City Library or in the white mailbox outside Tualatin City Council Chambers. Questions about the measure or any Tualatin City Library topic can be directed to the Library Director, Abigail Elder at 503-691-3074.