Monday, July 26, 2010

Slime in the Library?

Cornelius OR, July 26, 2010

Have you ever seen the kids shows where some unlucky contestant gets green slime poured over their head? Well, three city officials are going to experience just that.

Every year the Cornelius Library offers a summer reading program to encourage children to read. The Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) provides many resources to all county libraries for this program including performers. The Friends of the Cornelius Library and the Spirit Mountain Community Fund have also provided money for additional performers, incentive prizes and a free book for every child that completes the program.

In 2008, Cornelius library had 177 children sign up for the summer reading program. Last year the library director offered staff an incentive of an ice cream party if they reached 500. The library signed up 537 summer readers. This year the library introduced its first Adult Summer Reading Program. “I predicted participation of about 40 in the adult program, so when I set this year’s goal at 700 summer readers, I thought it would be a challenge,” comments Karen Hill, Library Director. “The Mayor offered to help the library with some kind of challenge, so a staff member came up with the idea of sliming.”

Today, we got the 700th participant in the program. Ashley McDonald signed up the majority of participants which wins her a place in line pouring slime on her two bosses, Karen Hill, Library Director and Dave Waffle, City Manager. Several lucky children will get the chance to slime the mayor. All the fun will occur following the annual watermelon seed spit sponsored by the Cornelius Friends of the Library on Wednesday, August 4th at 3pm outside the library.

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