Friday, September 10, 2010

2010 Summer Reading a Success for all ages

Over half of Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) Summer Reading's youth and teen participants met their reading goals! That's over 13 thousand kids!

Almost 28 thousand children, teens and adults participated this summer. WCCLS Summer Reading programs continue to grow in popularity.

Washington County libraries allow children and teens to set their own reading goals for the summer — with prizes as an incentive to achieve these goals. Prizes include such things as free tickets to a Portland Trail Blazers game or discounted admission to Oaks Amusement Park. This year 52% of all participants reached their reading goals (13,471 kids).

By contrast, just over 17,000 kids participated in the reading program during the summer of 2005 and with 9,013 meeting their reading goals. While the County has grown, these statistics demonstrate that Washington County is a county of readers – at all ages and stages.

Reading to learn is a keystone of the American education system. A child’s ability to maintain their reading skills during the summer break is vital to their ability to kick off the new school year fully prepared.

This year 11 of the 15 WCCLS member libraries offered an adult summer reading program. For many parents this provided an excellent opportunity to model for their children the value of reading not only for its educational value, but for the pure enjoyment.

Just over 2,000 adults participated in the 2010 program. While all fifteen of our member libraries continued to provide youth and teen summer reading programs – reaching 25,784 participants.

At this time WCCLS is asking parents to provide feedback to assist with planning and improving future summer reading programs for youth, teens and adults. Please visit to share your thoughts.