Thursday, September 2, 2010

Divorce kits help children cope with family changes

book cover, Dinosaurs DivorceDivorce is tough for everyone involved, including kids. Children can find divorce to be confusing, sad, and stressful.

Hillsboro Public Library now has Divorce Kits that you can borrow within the WCCLS system. Each kit contains five children's books and two books for parents, to help families understand and cope with divorce. The children's books are aimed at younger elementary school kids and preschoolers.

The kits have these children's books:
  • My family's changing by Pat Thomas
  • Standing on my own two feet by Tamara Schmitz
  • Dinosaurs divorce by Laurie Krasny Brown
  • When my parents forgot how to be friends by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
  • Two homes by Claire Masurel
And two books for caregivers:
  • Helping your kids cope with divorce the Sandcastles way by Gary Neuman
  • Difficult questions kids ask--and are afraid to ask--about divorce by Meg F. Schneider and Joan Zuckerberg.
You can place a hold on the kit from any WCCLS library.