Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kill A Watts are available now at WCCLS libraries

finishedwattEver wonder why your electric bills are so high? Well, now you have a cost-effective way to find out which appliances are being energy hogs, and which aren't.

It's called the Kill A Watt° Energy Monitor. Plug in the Kill A Watt into an electric socket, and then plug in the appliance, and the device will give you an instant readout of the voltage drain.

You can buy a Kill A Watt, but now, you can also borrow them from your WCCLS library, thanks to the Energy Trust of Oregon. You can borrow it, like a book. Reserve yours today through the WCCLS catalog.

The Kill A Watt can reveal many surprising energy wasters—like a television that is turned off but still draws power. Or older appliances that may cost a bundle to keep around.

It's simple to use. The monitor shows how much energy the device is using in kilowatt hours, the same measurement used on electricity bills. Those numbers can be calculated to show energy costs by hour, day, month or year.

Monitors at the library are packaged with directions and tips, plus advice on how to apply the information learned to start saving energy. Using the results from the Kill A Watt®, households can make adjustments that can reduce their overall energy use and lower monthly utility bills.

Check out - literally - our new Kill A Watts. It's good for your bottom line.