Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Winter Weather Advisory

Stock up on hot chocolate. This weekend's weather news from the Office of Consolidated Emergency Management (OCEM), Washington County:
The forecast for late this week and early next week calls for the coldest weather of the season so far...

Snowfall should remain above 1,500’ – 2,000’ through Sunday. The greater Portland Metropolitan area could see snowfall near the surface during periods of heavier showers.

Late in the weekend and early next week we may see more significant cold air move into the area. If this arctic air materializes it could bring overnight temperatures down into the 20’s in the valleys. If any moisture is available this means we could also see some snow down to the valley floors by early next week.

A lot of details are still "up in the air". Nonetheless, it’s probably time to start winterizing outdoor faucets and cover up the foundation vents.
Good idea. has a "Winterize your home" checklist, and the Oregon Human Society has advice on winterizing your pet. has tips on winterizing your car, but everyone will tell you that if you don't have to go out, don't. If you do, here are links to weather and road reports:

Watch WCCLS News & Events for library closures due to weather. But even if it looks like your library is open, it might be closing early, so call first before making the trip.