Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cedar Mill recognized as Outstanding Ready to Read Library

Ready to Read: Future readers supported in the library, in childcare settings, and through community partnerships.

The Washington County Cooperative Library Services is pleased to announce that the Cedar Mill Community Library has been recognized by the State Library as a "Best Practice Library". The library was recognized for developing a successful new book art outreach program, partnering with early intervention for the first time to serve children with special needs, presenting early literacy trainings, and conducting the annual summer reading program.

Each year the state library recognizes outstanding Ready to Read Grant projects that have been particularly effective in achieving the goals of the grant program. The criteria for an outstanding Ready to Read Grant project are: adhere to the original intent of the Ready to Read Grant, promote partnerships both in and out of the library, are replicable in other libraries, enhance current library services, or focus on one or more of the three best practices. Best Practice Libraries are those that use Ready to Read funds to implement all three library youth services best practices, which are Outreach to Children, Early Literacy, and Support of Summer Reading.

The Cedar Mill Library was praised for their development of a successful book art outreach program to young children in child care homes. The library also partnered with early intervention to serve babies and toddlers with special needs, presented early literacy trainings for parents and childcare providers, and supported over 5,000 young readers through the summer reading program.

The early intervention home visitation professionals involved with the project appreciated having books to show parents how to have fun reading to their baby or toddler. "Some parents have no idea that babies should be experiencing books, handling them, and even chewing on them! We are able to show parents how to use books to help their baby develop language" they stated.

Four additional libraries were recognized by the State Library as Best Practice Libraries: Eugene Public Library, Stayton Public Library, Lake County Library District and the Douglas County Library System. Visit the Oregon State Library website to learn more about the projects that were recognized.