Friday, January 20, 2012

Library2Go tip - log in before you search for books

Do you ever get discouraged by the length of the holds queues for books in Library2Go? We have a tip to share with you.

Log in to Library2Go before you start searching for books. Library2Go is a state-wide service, shared by most public libraries in Oregon. That means the people on the hold queue for a book are from all over the state. WCCLS has purchased extra copies of the most popular titles in Library2Go that are available only to people with a WCCLS library card. This means the wait won't be quite as long for you as it would be otherwise.

How do you know if a book has extra copies just for you, a WCCLS cardholder? Look for the gold icon.

You will only see these icons indicating extra copies if you are logged in to Library2Go with your WCCLS library card, so log in first thing, before you start searching for books.

You'll find the icons next to each format that extra copies are available for a title:

If you have more questions about using Library2Go, check out our online help pages, accessible from the WCCLS homepage by clicking on the blue Download books button, or ask at your local library.