Thursday, January 12, 2012

RFID coming to a library near you!

Beginning in January 2012, WCCLS is installing Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) technology in member libraries in order to increase staff efficiency, enhance the security of library materials, and, most importantly, make it even easier for you to use the library.

Every single item of the 1.6 million books, DVDs, and more owned by WCCLS member libraries will be tagged by a team moving from library to library. Currently the team is just finished up at the Shute Park Library in Hillsboro, and has moved on to the Brookwood location of the Hillsboro Library.

Want to learn more about the RFID project at WCCLS? Visit our page of information, FAQs, and links to media features about the project. You'll find it at

As our intrepid team of taggers moves through all the WCCLS libraries, we will keep you posted on their progress. Watch this space! (Or better yet, subscribe to our blog for updates in your RSS reader or email inbox.)