Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Libraries - old and new

Recently we heard from a library patron who said this:

I appreciate the ability to read books on my kindle very much! I do have a small problem with my actual library card as the plastic is peeling off because it is so old.

We loved this comment because it kind of sums up what libraries are these days - a favorite place to go, learn and explore, ever since childhood. But then you can also download books for your e-reader without every stepping foot in the building.

It's an exciting time for libraries. We're still a well-used old favorite, like the peeling library card in your wallet, but at the same time, if you have a shiny new tablet or e-reader, you can borrow ebooks from us!

If you do need to get your library card replaced, please visit your local WCCLS member library for assistance.

Of course, that library card number will also get you access to downloadable ebooks and audiobooks at Library2Go.

(Image credit: San Jose Public Library Card by Wurlitzer Heart)