Friday, February 10, 2012

RFID project update

The RFID project at WCCLS is well underway, and two libraries have now been completed!

As you can see by our progress meter, Hillsboro Main and Hillsboro Shute Park have had their materials tagged with RFID tags. Shute Park had over 80,000 items processed, and Hillsboro Main had over 173,000 items!

Our team is now winding their way through the stacks at the Beaverton Library, tagging those books, DVDs, CDs and more. If you're a Beaverton patron, listen for those beeps and know that a team of taggers is hard at work on the project.

We are converting to RFID technology to increase staff efficiency, enhance the security of library materials, and, most importantly, make it even easier for you to use the library. For more details about the project, including answers to frequently asked questions, visit our RFID information page.

Here are some pictures of our hardworking taggers in action!

Dany is in the mystery section

Carol in the children's area