Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WCCLS by the numbers

Looking at WCCLS' annual report for fiscal year 2010-2011, the numbers really speak for themselves. WCCLS libraries are well-used!

Here are a few statistics for you:
  • In FY 2010-2011, library patrons checked out and renewed library materials over 12.7 million times
  • About half of all Washington Co. residents have library cards - 272,266 of them! (as of 6/30/11)
  • 4,240,084 visits were made to WCCLS libraries
  • 86,117 ebooks and audiobooks were downloaded by WCCLS cardholders from Library2Go
  • Programs offered at WCCLS libraries had a total of 228,896 attendances
Find this information and more by reading WCCLS' annual report online (PDF).

It's exciting to see that use of WCCLS libraries continues to increase! This is just one of the reasons we are converting to RFID - to make it easier to handle a steadily growing workload.

This graph of library material circulation over the past 10 years says it all, don't you think?