Wednesday, March 21, 2012

RFID update - over half a million items tagged!

Well the taggers just keep rolling. As of this morning, they've tagged a whopping 586,100 items in four buildings - Hillsboro Main, Hillsboro Shute Park, and Beaverton Main and Murray Scholls. In a few days the taggers will be moving from Murray Scholls on to Sherwood.

We've updated our progress meter accordingly. You'll find the current numbers of tagged items at each library at WCCLS' RFID info page. Read FAQs about the project and see some pictures of our taggers in action!

WCCLS is installing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in member libraries in order to increase staff efficiency, enhance the security of library materials, and, most importantly, make it even easier for you to use the library.

Both Hillsboro libraries are now live with RFID - they have new security gates and self-check out systems. Read about the ribbon-cutting event at Hillsboro here.