Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Libraries reaching out to the Latino community - how you can help

There is a state-wide library project underway to reach out to the Latino community to learn more about how they use their cell phones to find information and entertainment, what information they look for and where, what is missing or hard to find, and what other information they would like to have available via their cell phone. The project is called Díganos (Tell Us) and we'd like you to help if you can.

What is the purpose of the project? Oregon libraries would like to expand the ways in which information and library services are provided to the Latino community.

How can you help? If you are Latino, please take the survey! The project will benefit from your feedback. Everyone can help spread the word about this project, sharing the information with Latinos in their community.

Where is the survey? Find the survey (in English and in Spanish) online here: http://diganos.wordpress.com/surveys/

Want to learn more? To keep up with how this outreach effort is proceeding please read the project blog at http://diganos.wordpress.com.

Thanks for your help in spreading the word about this important project for Oregon libraries!