Friday, May 11, 2012

How to place a hold on a specific issue or year of an item

When searching for items that come in a series or are available in a number or years, such as magazines or travel books, you will notice that to place a hold, you need to choose a specific year or issue that you want to request. Here's how to do it...

Let's say we're looking for a Fodor's guide to London.

When we find it in the catalog and go to place a request, we get a message saying that we need to select and request an individual copy.

To do this, scroll down the list and select the issue that you're after. Look for the hand/book icon and click on that to request the specific title.

Once you've clicked on that icon, you'll go through the usual steps that happen when you place a request.

We hope this helps you make sure you get what you need in the catalog! If you have questions about placing requests or using the catalog, the librarian at your local WCCLS library will be happy to help.