Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Your library card just got bigger!

Thanks to a new program in Oregon, you can get a card at different libraries across the state! If your job or vacation plans take you to different parts of Oregon, you can now access the library that is most convenient for you.

How does it work? Your WCCLS library card allows you to get library cards at other participating libraries across Oregon. For example, take your WCCLS card to the Astoria Public Library and use it to apply for a card there, without paying the usual out of area fees. You still have to return materials you check out in Astoria to the Astoria Library. There is no delivery between libraries in this program.

Check this list to find out which libraries participate in the program. Our info page tells you about getting a WCCLS library card, and has details on how you can use other libraries in the Portland metro area.