Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Art of the Story Festival performer spotlight - Rick Huddle

We're excited for the upcoming 9th annual storytelling festival - Art of the Story. There are some great performers coming to Washington County April 13th to 20th. We want to highlight all of the storytellers in turn, and we're starting with Rick Huddle, a performer from Portland.

“He’s like David Sedaris and Ira Glass had a baby and Carol Burnett raised the little guy.”

Rick's work exposes the tender, humorous and, at times, outrageous collision of inner psyche versus personal relationships. His openness, humility, and compelling presence draw the audience into the story as if it were their own. His characters relate to people with their infectious uncertainty, confusion, and desire for connection.

Check Rick out in a funny, sweet, and musical performance for adults at a festival in Portland a few years ago. Like what you see? Check out the schedule of Rick's and all the other great performances.