Friday, August 2, 2013

Survey says... WCCLS exceeds expectations for 9 out of 10 residents

A snapshot of the word cloud from survey comments.
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In June, WCCLS did an online survey of Washington County residents. Over 2000 residents participated! What did we learn from the survey?

WCCLS member libraries exceed the expectations of 88% of Washington County residents - nearly 9 out of 10.

A strong majority of residents (73%) believe that their library does a good or excellent job of managing taxpayer dollars. 

The majority of those surveyed are increasing their use of e-books and e-resources, at 57%, while 75% of people are not decreasing their use of print materials. WCCLS' Director, Eva Calcagno, notes that "patrons seem to be diversifying how they access information, rather than replacing one format with another," which "mirrors national trends."

Want to learn more about the survey results? We have posted the PDF summary on the WCCLS website, and here is a direct link to the PDF of the summary.