Monday, August 19, 2013

WCCLS catalog and online accounts are back up!

Thank you for your patience while the WCCLS catalog and online accounts were unavailable for software updates! We are now back up and running as usual.

If you are seeing any odd behavior with the catalog or account, please clear your browser's cache. We aren't expecting any problems, but this should resolve any issues. We have information about clearing your browser's cache on your desktop computer and your mobile device on our website.

If your browser is not storing your WCCLS barcode and PIN when you log in to your account, clear your browser's cache (see above for info), and then adjust your browser's settings for saving login information. You'll find that at the bottom of this page on the WCCLS website.

Information if you use the desktop version of the catalog

You'll notice that the look of the desktop catalog has changed a bit. Searching works the same as it did before, but the buttons you're used to may be in a slightly different place.

Getting around your WCCLS patron account is a bit different. We have posted some very short videos on YouTube to help you with this change:
If you want to get deeper into some features of the catalog, we have videos on creating saved searches in the desktop catalog (these alert you to new items added that match your search), as well as creating and managing lists of saved titles.

Information if you use the mobile version of the catalog

The look of the mobile catalog hasn't really changed. You'll notice more information about titles is now available when you search. What is exciting about the mobile catalog updates is that there is more functionality.

You can now update your password, email address, phone number and notification preferences using the mobile catalog. To do this, log in to your account, then tap on Update Account and Preferences, then on the Update Preferences link at the bottom of that page.

You can also now create saved searches using the mobile catalog. These alert you to new items added to the catalog that match your search. We have a YouTube video explaining how to do this.

If you'd like to create lists of saved titles in the mobile catalog, we have a video showing you this as well.


If you have questions about your WCCLS account, please contact your local WCCLS library for assistance.