Monday, March 30, 2015

Art of the Story 2015 performer spotlight - Sam Payne

Sam Payne
Sam Payne is a storyteller, songwriter, and jazz musician who has performed in places as far away as Bulgaria, Japan, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Sam holds an English degree from Weber State University, and a Master's in Education from Southern Utah University. An award-winning radio writer and host for over 12 years, Sam currently hosts The Apple Seed: Tellers and Stories, a radio program broadcast nationally on the art of storytelling.

Sam co-directed Soundcheck Series, a program for independent songwriters, and is the director of Pioneer High School for the Performing Arts in American Fork, Utah.

Sam’s stage presence, craftsmanship, and soaring voice have established him as favorite with audiences and critics alike. The Deseret News said of Sam’s work, "Let's talk about storytelling: Sam Payne is a master at it."

Sam is performing at the following 2015 Art of the Story events: