Thursday, May 7, 2015

Update about WMA format audiobooks from Library2Go

OverDrive, the company that powers the Library2Go service, has announced that any remaining audiobooks in the WMA format will be pulled from Library2Go. Those of you who download your audiobooks using OverDrive app on your phone or tablet are not affected by this issue.

For the past few years, OverDrive has been working with publishers to get WMA audiobook titles converted to MP3 format. MP3 format is available for use on more devices than WMA audiobooks. Some publishers are unwilling to convert some of their audiobook titles from WMA to MP3.

On May 19th, all WMA audiobooks that are left will be removed from Library2Go. If you have a WMA audiobook checked out during this time, you will have the audiobook for the full checkout time. However, all holds on WMA audiobooks will be cancelled on May 19th.