Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Meet the (pretty awesome) Catalog: Saved Lists

Think back to the last time your friend told you about an amazing book or movie.

   (Go ahead, we’re waiting.)

Now, raise your hand if you can actually remember the title of that book or movie.

   [Crickets chirping]

We agree that there are just too many things to keep track of, but our pretty awesome Catalog is here to help.

You can create a saved list to keep track of items you want to check out later.
   Or movies your whole family agrees on.
   Or cookbooks you want to refer to later.
   Or books on your “to re-read” list...

Creating saved lists is easy:
  1. Log into your library account.
  2. Find a title you want to add to your list, and click to Add to List.
  3. Click on New List. (The first time you create a saved list, a pop-up advisory message will appear. If you agree, click OK.)
  4. Name it and click Create List.
  5. Add more titles!
Try it yourself!

PAC Cat likes to use it...

For more about saved lists, check out this two-minute video!

This is the first of eight weekly tips about our online library catalog.