Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meet the (pretty awesome) Catalog: How to limit by items checked in

Can you name this tune?


Yes, you're right! It is the Pink Panther theme song. (Also, aren't you glad your To Do list isn't that long?!)

Now that the Pink Panther music is semi-permanently stuck in your head, you will want to check out a Pink Panther movie for the weekend.

But you also want to make sure your library has at least one Pink Panther DVD before making the trek over there. How can you be sure?

The (pretty awesome) Catalog is here to help you limit your search so that you’re only looking at items that are currently available.

This can be helpful when you want to make sure the library has something checked in before you make the trip!
  • Your child is doing a state report on Ohio, and needs a book ASAP.
  • You want a book for the weekend, and you want to check ahead of time to see if there’s anything there by your favorite authors.
  • You’re hosting a game night at your house, and you want to see what board games are available.
  • You’re minutes away from finishing your audiobook, and you want to nab the next one in the series so you can start it right away.

Limiting by items checked in is easy:
  1. In the catalog, use the upper-right hand corner dropdown menu to switch to another branch.
  2. The location you’re searching now appears beside the WCCLS logo.
  3. Search for terms as you normally would.
  4. In the Limit by drop down, select Items that are IN.
  5. Your results will only show what is currently available!
The Catalog has many other dropdown options and dashboard limiters that can help you. For more search tips, check out this two-minute video.

Try it yourself! PAC Cat likes to use all the search limiters…

Note: This is the sixth of eight weekly tips about our online catalog.