Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meet the (pretty awesome) Catalog: Use the Catalog like an app!

Imagine this: You’re out enjoying a rare, but much deserved free day, and suddenly this question hits you… “Are my library items overdue?” And then you can’t shake that thought, and your computer is miles away, so you can’t check your account online.

But wait... you can! The (pretty awesome) Mobile Catalog is here to help.

The MobilePAC is great for accessing the library catalog when you’re on the go:
  • You suddenly remember a classic movie that would be perfect for this weekend
  • You’re browsing a magazine in line at the grocery store and find an article you want to finish reading,  but you really don’t want to purchase it
  • You're running errands and wonder if your favorite author has written anything new recently
  • Or you just prefer a simpler interface that still allows you access to everything the (pretty awesome) Catalog has to offer
Using the MobilePAC is easy:
  1. Visit in the browser of your choice.
  2. Search the Catalog with a keyword or advanced search.
  3. Check your Account and renew titles.
  4. Make a shortcut on your device's home screen to keep the mobile catalog handy, like an app. Search the Internet for instructions on how to add a mobile shortcut to your device.
You can do most things you can do with the regular catalog in the MobilePAC, but if you’re ever stuck, simply click the Full Catalog link at the bottom.

Try it yourself! PAC Cat likes to use it...

For more about the MobilePAC, check out this 1.5 minute video!

Note: This is the fifth of eight weekly tips about our online catalog.