Monday, November 21, 2016

Groundbreaking for New Cornelius Public Library scheduled for Summer 2017

The City of Cornelius announced today that the Cornelius Place Development is approved, with groundbreaking scheduled for summer of 2017. The announcement marks a major step in a multi-year effort to bring the project to reality.

The City achieved the additional funding needed to bring the Cornelius Place Project to reality with an Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) award valued at over $8 million to the project’s affordable housing partners, Bienestar, Inc. and BRIDGE Housing.

The multi-use Cornelius Place development will house the expanded Cornelius Public Library including much needed community convening space, a YMCA center, and 45 affordable housing units for adults age 55 and older. The new library will provide a variety of services to support children, families, and seniors, including pre-reading and early education programs, student success programs and adult education.

The Cornelius Public Library is closing in on the last $800,000 of its $4.8 million capital campaign fundraising goal and expects the OHCS award to accelerate the final fundraising push.

“We have worked hard over a number of years to bring the Cornelius Place development project to reality. This will be cornerstone of our city,” said Cornelius Mayor Jef Dalin. “The new Public Library will offer information and services desired by our diverse population. We look forward to working with individuals, local business and foundations to fully fund the library portion of the project by March 2017.”

Cornelius Place is a joint project of the City of Cornelius Public Library, Bienestar and BRIDGE Housing. BRIDGE joined the project team this year, bringing considerable financial, real estate, and development expertise.

Friday, November 18, 2016

WCCLS libraries welcome all community members

Washington County Cooperative Library Services and our member libraries reaffirm that we welcome and serve every member of our community. As we witness unrest across our nation following this month’s historic national election, and learn about acts of violence, discrimination and bigotry in our communities, we remind everyone that public libraries are a refuge and a place of common ground. We welcome and include all people, and want every member of our community to feel safe and comfortable using our spaces and resources. We expect that library users will show each other the same respect.

As the American Library Association President, Julie Todaro, wrote, “Our nation’s libraries serve all community members, including people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources that transform communities, open minds and promote inclusion and diversity.”

The libraries of Washington County encourage you to use our libraries for education, entertainment and enlightenment. We continue to welcome everyone into our libraries, our shared community gathering spaces.

Thank you,

Eva Calcagno, Director
Washington County Cooperative Library Services

Las bibliotecas de WCCLS dan la bienvenida a todos los miembros de la comunidad 

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (Servicios de Bibliotecas Cooperativas del Condado de Washington) y nuestras bibliotecas miembro reafirman su bienvenida y servicio a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad.  Al ser testigos de los disturbios en toda la nación después de las históricas elecciones nacionales de este mes, y saber de los actos de violencia, discriminación e intolerancia en nuestras comunidades, recordamos a todos que las bibliotecas públicas son un refugio y un lugar de encuentro. Damos la bienvenida e incluimos a todas las personas, y queremos que todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad se sientan seguros y cómodos en el uso de nuestros espacios y recursos. Esperamos que los usuarios de las bibliotecas demuestren el mismo respeto hacia otras personas.

Como escribió el Presidente de la American Library Association (Asociación Estadounidense de Bibliotecas), Julie Todaro: “las bibliotecas de nuestro país trabajan para todos los miembros de la comunidad, incluyendo las personas de color, inmigrantes, discapacitados y las más vulnerables de nuestras comunidades, ofreciendo servicios y recursos educativos que transforman las comunidades, abren las mentes y promueven la inclusión y la diversidad”.

Las bibliotecas del Condado de Washington los invitan a ustedes a que utilice nuestras bibliotecas para educarse, entretenerse e ilustrarse.  Seguimos dando la bienvenida a todos en nuestras bibliotecas y en nuestros espacios compartidos de reunión para la comunidad.


Eva Calcagno, Directora   
Washington County Cooperative Library Services


Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Library closures for Thanksgiving week

See the chart below for WCCLS member libraries hours during the week of Thanksgiving.

Remember that you can download ebooks and audiobooks 24/7!

Nov. 23
Nov. 24
Nov. 25
Nov. 26
BanksNormal HoursClosedClosedNormal Hours

Closing at 5:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours
Murray Scholls
Closing at 5:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours

Cedar Mill
Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Cedar Mill at
Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Closing at 2:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours

Forest Grove
Normal HoursClosedClosedClosed

Garden Home
Closing at 3:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shute Park
Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

North Plains
Closing at 5:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Oregon College
of Art and Craft
Normal HoursClosedClosedUsual Closure

Closing at 6:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours

Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Closing at 6:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Tuality Health
Resource Center
Normal HoursClosedClosedUsual Closure

West Slope
Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Friday, November 4, 2016

Library Closures for Veterans Day

Most, but not all, WCCLS member libraries will be closing in observance of Veterans Day - Friday, November 11, 2016.

Libraries open on Friday, November 11th:
Oregon College of Art and Craft (open 9:00AM-5:00PM)
Tualatin Public Library (open 10:00AM-6:00PM)
Tuality Healthcare Library (open 11:00AM-5:00PM)

Libraries closed on Friday, November 11th:
Banks Public Library
Beaverton City Library
Beaverton City Library @ Murray Scholls
Cedar Mill Community Library
Cedar Mill Community Library @ Bethany
Cornelius Public Library
Forest Grove City Library
Garden Home Community Library
Hillsboro Brookwood Library
Hillsboro Shute Park Library
North Plains Public Library
Sherwood Public Library
Tigard Public Library
West Slope Community Library
WCCLS offices & courier services