Monday, March 13, 2017

Art of the Story 2017 performer spotlight: Brianna Barrett

Hear Brianna Barrett perform at the 2017 Art of the Story festival:

Brianna Barrett is a playwright, filmmaker, performer, cancer survivor, and punch-card-carrying regular at every locally-owned tea shop in Portland. As a member of Portland Storytellers’ Guild, she teaches storytelling workshops and coaches first-time tellers at the local HHH Foundation's Notes of Hope annual benefit concert.

She was named Portland's Best Storyteller in Willamette Week Magazine (Best of Portland, 2016). Brianna has recently appeared in the Affable Gentlemen, The Yarn, and Imagine Live at the Pickathon Music Festival. She also facilitates a weekly writing workshop for cancer survivors at Oregon Health & Science University. Find out more at

Here is a video of Brianna performing at the Portland Storytellers' Guild: