Tuesday, November 13, 2018

WWI Trench Art Exhibition

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the End of World War I

Oregon College of Art and Craft Library
November 7 - December 19
Monday-Friday | 9am - 5pm
Open to the Public

In celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War I, Veterans Day 2018, the OCAC Library hosts a small exhibition on trench art curated by students Will Benson and Thea Kinner. Trench Art in World War I features physical pieces of trench art, printed images, and WWI literature.

"Trench art objects are holders of soldiers’ memories and reminders of the conflict they faced. Made out of recycled war refuse such as shell casings, spent bullets or whatever came to hand, they open a window to the past.

They tell us things like where soldiers went and what their surroundings were like. They also give hints about soldiers’ thoughts and actions. Something as simple and functional as a matchbox cover can provide a map of a soldier’s movements while other, more decorative examples, show a desire to find and create beauty, to camouflage war in art."

Library Closures for Thanksgiving week

See the chart below for WCCLS member libraries hours during the week of Thanksgiving.

Remember that you can download ebooks and audiobooks and stream videos 24/7!

Nov. 21
Nov. 22
Nov. 23
Nov. 24

Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
BanksClosing at 5:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours

Closing at 5:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours
Murray Scholls
Closing at 5:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours
BethanyNormal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Cedar Mill
Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Normal HoursClosedClosedNormal Hours

Forest Grove
Normal HoursClosedClosedClosed

Garden Home
Closing at 3:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Shute Park
Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

North Plains
Closing at 5:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Oregon College
of Art and Craft
Normal HoursClosedClosedUsual Closure

Closing at 6:00ClosedClosedNormal Hours

Normal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Closing at 6:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours
Tuality Healthcare
Closing at 2:00ClosedClosedUsual Closure

West Slope
Closing at 4:00ClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Library Closures for Veterans Day

Many of the WCCLS member libraries will be closing in observance of Veterans Day on Sunday, November 11, or Monday, November 12, 2018.

Libraries closed Sunday, November 11:
Cornelius Public Library
Garden Home Community Library
Tigard Public Library
West Slope Community Library

Libraries closed/closing early on 
Monday, November 12:
Aloha Community Library
Banks Public Library
Bethany Library
Cedar Mill Library
Cornelius Public Library
Forest Grove City Library
Garden Home Community Library (closing at 6 pm)
North Plains Public Library
Sherwood Public Library
Tuality Healthcare Library
West Slope Community Library
WCCLS offices & courier services

Libraries open both days:
Hillsboro Brookwood Library
Hillsboro Shute Park Library
Tualatin Public Library